Technical data


Drive system


240 kW synchronous motor

opcja: 240 kW asynchronous motor

Traction batteries

Lithium-ion batteries (capacity subject to specification)

Charging system

Charging system

Plug-in battery-charging system

opcja: Pantograf

opcja: Range extender


Front axle

ZF independent axle

opcja: ZF dependent axle

Center axle

Neutral axle

Drive axle

ZF portal axle

opcja: ZF portal axle with motors

opcja: ZF portal axis with hub motors

Central lubrication system

Central lubrication system

Steering system

Zf Servocom

Braking system

EBS braking system (dual circuit), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Acceleration Skip Regulation (ASR) electronics, manual brake (parking) - with the mechanical release of the braking system, stop brake

Levelling system

ECAS suspension, right kneeling by approx. 60 mm


Frame construction

corrosion-resistant steel

Side-wall cladding

side wall panels glued to the structure

Door system


opcja: 2-2-2-0

opcja: 1-2-2-2

Entry height

320 mm

Ramp for handicapped persons

Unfolded by hand at the second door

Automatically retractable at the second door

Number of seats (depending on door and battery arrangement)

Minimal: 36

Maximal: 47

Airing, ventilation, air conditioning

Air conditioning of the driver's space

opcja: Electrically powered air-conditioning system

Air conditioning of the passenger space

opcja: Electrically powered air-conditioning system


Bidirectional fan



Flue-gas heating

opcja: Electric heating

opcja: Hybrid heating

Electrical system

Electrical installation

Installation based on CAN busbar-Bus

Optional equipment

Optional equipment

opcja: Panoramic windscreen

opcja: Automatic fire-fighting system in the engine compartment

opcja: Tyre-pressure and temperature-monitoring system

opcja: Collision-warning and dead-zones-monitoring system

opcja: Passenger-space-monitoring system

opcja: WiFi