Technical data


Drive system


170 kW synchronous motor

opcja: 160 kW asynchronous motor

opcja: Motors in axes 2x120 kW

Traction batteries

Lithium-ion batteries (capacity subject to specification)

Charging system

Charging system

Plug-in battery-charging system

opcja: Pantograf

opcja: Range extender


Front axle

ZF independent axle

opcja: ZF dependent axle

Drive axle

ZF portal axle

opcja: ZF portal axle with motors

opcja: ZF portal axis with hub motors

Central lubrication system

Central lubrication system

Steering system

ZF Servocom

Braking system

EBS braking system (dual circuit), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Acceleration Skip Regulation (ASR) electronics, manual brake (parking) - with the mechanical release of the braking system, stop brake

Levelling system

ECAS suspension, right kneeling by approx. 60 mm


Frame construction

corrosion-resistant steel

Side-wall cladding

side wall panels glued to the structure

Door system


opcja: 1-2-1

opcja: 1-2-0

Entry height

320 mm

Ramp for handicapped persons

Unfolded by hand at the second door

opcja: Automatically retractable at the second door

Number of seats (depending on door and battery arrangement)

Minimal: 18

Maximal: 26

Airing, ventilation, air conditioning

Air conditioning of the driver's space

opcja: Electrically powered air-conditioning system

Air conditioning of the passenger space

opcja: Electrically powered air-conditioning system


Bidirectional fan



Flue-gas heating

opcja: Electric heating

opcja: Hybrid heating

Electrical system

Electrical installation

Installation based on CAN busbar-Bus

Optional equipment

Optional equipment

opcja: Panoramic windscreen

opcja: Automatic fire-fighting system in the engine compartment

opcja: Tyre-pressure and temperature-monitoring system

opcja: Collision-warning and dead-zones-monitoring system

opcja: Passenger-space-monitoring system

opcja: WiFi