Welcome to URSUS Bus

Ursus Bus S.A. is part of the POL-MOT Holding S.A. capital group. The company, with 100% Polish capital, was established in 2015 in response to the growing market demand for low- and zero-carbon-emission means of public transport. Since the beginning of its activities, Ursus Bus has been manufacturing electric buses, trolleybuses, and low-carbon-emission buses, with EURO6 diesel engines. We have highly qualified engineering and production staff, which guarantees the highest quality of the supplied vehicles, and innovation in applied solutions. The Company’s head office and the Ursus Bus production plant are located in Lublin, a place that has been associated with the automotive industry for decades, thus ensuring natural access to qualified personnel. Ursus Bus, through its global perception of the public-transport sphere, sets new and unique trends in the field of urban logistics, electromobility, and environmental protection. The dynamically developing Company is well known both on the domestic market and abroad.