Alternative drive

The alternative drive, based on a hydrogen system, used in Ursus Bus buses, combines the advantages of diesel and electric vehicles. The high-efficiency fuel-cell module unit uses hydrogen from roof-mounted tanks to fully and automatically recharge the battery. This results in a 450-km range for the bus without the need for additional hydrogen charging and refuelling (which only takes about 10 minutes). The comfort of electric vehicles is fully maintained – due to the quiet and smooth operation of its fuel cells, the vehicle is characterised by low noise and vibration levels. Hydrogen-powered Ursus buses are state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, and non-intrusive for the surrounding vehicles designed for urban transport. In addition to zero-carbon emissions, vehicles of this type do not require the use of costly and weight-raising traction batteries, as in the case of fully electric vehicles; they have only a small number of them, some being located on board.
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