About Us


Ursus Bus company was established in April 2015hi by the founders URSUS S.A. and AMZ-KUTNO S.A., both of them companies with experience in manufacturing buses of different types. The owners of the two founding enterprises had come to conclusion that it would be more efficient and beneficial to join their forces and ultimately realized their vision in the form of Ursus Bus company. With the technical knowledge and bus manufacturing experience of AMZ-KUTNO combined with the resources of URSUS, the aim of Ursus Bus is to make a powerful statement in the market of city buses. Ursus Bus was founded as a joint-stock company with two shareholders: AMZ-KUTNO S.A. owning 40 percent and URSUS S.A. owning 60 percent of shares. The Ursus facilities in Lublin were chosen as the headquarters as well as the manufacturing site of Ursus Bus.

The main goal of the company is to manufacture Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV). With a wide range of electric buses and trolleybuses in our portfolio, we have a definite advantage over other manufacturers. Naturally, apart from electric-powered vehicles, we also have traditional, combustion engine buses in our offer.